Ornafish Japan & Indonesia

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Ornafish Japan & Indonesia

Post by rvidella » 01 Jul 2014, 09:54


intrigued by what Rob De Vos posted this morning ...

i decide to upload what ornafish may offer (news or products) here on my forum

More about Ornafish is on their facebook page


Founded 1997
Products Nishikigoi

Ornafish Japan Co.,Ltd
To stay the leading Koi Export Company in Japan and to contignue the level of service we bring to our customers.
Company Overview
Ornafish Japan Co,. Ltd. is part of Aquatic Wholesale Group BV - The Netherlands. Within our group of companies we manufacture, distribute and grow fish, plants and aquarium and pond accessories with Europe as our main market.

Aquatic Wholesale Group was founded in 1986 and has grown from a one-man operation into an international group of companies with activities in many different countries.

All Aquatic Wholesale Group activities are build with a long term strategy, we want to promote fish keeping by supplying the best fish, plants and accessories and make fish keepers hobby successful, happy fish keeping and happy customers ensure the future of our company.

Ornafish activities where started in 1997, we started in Japan because we where not happy with the supplies of Koi. So we went out to Japan and made big improvements in quality, quarantine and logistics of Japanese Koi. Our export system and strategies are now followed by most Koi exporters, however we where the first to implement this system and continue to be the leader in Koi health and export management system.

Basically we started in Japan because we need the best Koi for our own wholesale facilities in Europe, however at the same time we started to supply our customers with direct shipments from Japan, however still we select every Koi as it is for our own tanks and purchasing Koi for our own facilities remains an important part of our business, that is why we are different then other 'box' exporters, we deal in only the best Koi.
We tried to change the way koi was offered to dealers as much as possible towards their demands.

To be on top of stocks, health and communication with the Koi breeders we have a permanent base in Ojiya the centre of the Japanese Koi industry. Our team in Japan is there for you, to support you with the best Koi and service! However, the support from our head quarters in The Netherlands and United Kingdom and our agents worldwide is of equal importance. Together with the breeders we work on quality. Not only the most beautiful fish, but healthy, on scheduled shipments, with professional logistics and with after sales and support.

We are the most reliable source for Niigata Koi, both by our service in Japan and in Europe, but also by our long term company strategy of serving customers not one time but for many more years to come.

Their Agent in Indonesia is: The Famous Koi Palace @ Makaliwe, Jakarta Barat, Indonesia

I will ask Rob-san the handsome dutchman to join our forum, if else I will ask Lim Johan to speak on their behalf.

Dodo Koi
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Re: Ornafish Japan & Indonesia

Post by rvidella » 01 Jul 2014, 10:03

Briefly of what happens in Japan ....

KOLAM LUMPUR / mud pond marusei koi farm 16,000 ton dalam 12Meter untuk 250 ikan jumbo

Marusei koifarm 16000 m2 pond 12 mtr deep. Contains about 250 jumbo koi. Later on a video of feeding these koi will come up.
** cant wait for the video, sacho (sacho means BOSS in Japanese) :mrgreen:

VIDEO: YAGENJI KOI FARM ... banyak yang tidak kenal akan farm ini di indonesia, tetapi setelah kita kesana dan pelihara beberapa ikan mereka ... WE LOVE THEM ... kadang2 kakak beradik ini suka judging di koi show indonesia (many dont know abt this farm in Indonesia, but after we went there and keep their koi, wow!!!) .... :P Sometimes these brothers also judging indonesian koi shows

Beginilah cara breeders berkencan rupanya hahahahahaha ... this is how the breeders date, ya rob san?
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